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Monastic Sunnydale Gryphon's Weight of
the World "Atlas"

Atlas is the newest edition to our Mastiff family. He comes from some of our favorite lines of Mastiffs and we expect him to do great things. 

He is a laid back sweet puppy that loves snuggles and new adventures. Check back for updates and more pictures on Atlas soon.

UPDATE: Atlas is not laid back... he is the most energetic Mastiff I have ever seen in my life lol. He is a Mastiff trapped in a Lab's body. He LOVES to run, to play, to leap in the air, and he is super clumsy and hilariously silly. He's very smart, but also very dumb. And is the most adorable troublemaker ever.

A special thanks to Dolly Moore of Monastic Mastiffs for sharing this sweet boy with us.

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DOB: January 17, 2017                                  

Gryphon Mastiffs

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