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*OFA Patellas: Normal/Clear (MF-PA3099-16M/P-VPI)

*OFA Cardiac: Normal/Clear (MF-CA3434/16M/P-VPI)

*Cystinuria DNA: DNA 1:1(SubmissionID:16012)

*DM(Degenerative Melopathy): Carrier(SampleID:53442)

*Fluffy Coat Gene: Clear (Case #: 119161)

*PRA: Clear by Parentage

*CMR: Clear by Parentage

The following tests are pending age 2

*OFA Hips: 
*OFA Elbows: 
*OFA Thyroid:


*Cystinuria Urine Test:

*von Willebrand's: 

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No Mastiff should be bred without ALL of these health tests being completed... Yes, prior to breeding! With today's technology, there should be no reason that a good breeder should not health test all of their breeding stock. Please seek out breeders who health test their dogs.

Atlas' Pedigree of Health Testing
Atlas Health Testing Pedigree.png
Atlas' Health Test Certificates

PRA & CMR Clear by Parentage Results - SIRE

Cystinuria DNA



PRA & CMR Clear by Parentage Results - DAM

Degenerative Melopathy

Fluffy Coat Length

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