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Monastic Sunnydale Gryphon's Weight of
the World "Atlas"

                            -Ch. Iron Hills Lucca Brazzi

                     -Ch. Britestar's Kodiak Bandit

                            -Britestar's Image of an Angel

         -BISS Ch. Wildrose Music Man, CGC, TDI
                            -Ch. Britestar's Dual Image, CGC, TDI

                     -Goldleaf's Pennys From Heaven

                            -Goldleaf Sweet Lorraine

-SGCh. Dandylion's Blowin' It Out Da Box, CGC

                            -Ch. Heart'N'Soul Big Palooka

                     -Am Intl Ch. Audley Farms Family Jules

                            -Ch. Genie's Wish of Audley
         -Ch. Dandylion's Whoa Nellie
  -Ch. Dandylion Cavell Artoriurex

                     -Ch. Cavell's Rootn Tootn Dandylion

                            -Dandylion Cavell's Lil Nina

-Monastic Sunnydale Gryphon's Weight of the World

                            -GCh. Sierra's First Born of Tradition

                     -Ch. Thunder Sky's American Tradition

                            -Ch. Thunder Stky's Queen of the Nile

         -BGCh. Thunder Sky's Cache of Gold, BN, RN

                            -Tuscon's Crown Royal at Groppetti
                     -Groppetti's Dark Angel

                            -MTC Dark Princess

-GCh. Monastic's Poetic Justice at Sunnydale, RN, BN, CGCA

                            -Ch. Meadowfarm's Major Breakthrough

                     -GCh. Fireside Asgard Major Connection

                            -Ch. Mystiques Pride and Joy
         -GCh. Asgard's Glory Faith and Honor of Monastic

                            -Ch. Meadowfarm's Mission Impossible
                     -Ch. Meadowfarm's Asgard Steel Magnolia

                            -Rocking H Show Time Wileyways

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