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Intl.Ch.Harvest Haze Griffin's On The Brink, CGC

DOB: October 9, 2010                                    

Brinkley is a well balanced girl with an amazing topline and nice head.  She moves beautifully in the ring and is one of the most muscular Mastiffs I have ever met. 

I had every hope in the world to finish Brinkley's AKC Championship, however due to an injury and 2 surgeries later we decided her Show career was done.  She has 9 points towards her Championship and she earned her International Championship in 2012.

I just can't say enough about this girl! Brinkley is a goofy dog.  She's super sweet, but an absolute weirdo!  Her nickname is Pig and she snores louder than anything (man and dog included) I have ever heard.  She isn't ladylike at all, enjoys sleeping all day on the couch, eating mud, sticks and rocks and occasionally 'hunting' Molly, our evil cat.

I couldn't have asked for more in my first show dog.  Brinkley has a strong pedigree, rich with Iron Hills, Caledonia and Brite Star bloodlines. She has amazing bone for a bitch and is well sprung with a beautiful chest. Brinkley is about 29 1/2" tall and 175-180lbs.

A special thanks to Kelly Verbridge of Harvest Haze Mastiffs for entrusting this special girl to me. Brinkley very quickly became my heart dog. 

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