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English Mastiff University

The following articles about Mastiff health issues were written by Veterinarian and Mastiff owner/breeder Robin Smith, DVM.  Dr. Smith was a skilled and dedicated vet that specialized in emergency medicine. She was also a devoted friend of the mastiff breeds and wrote many articles on their care and specific medical needs. I hope you will be able to take away as much from these articles as I was! Click on each article to read more.


For the .pdf printable booklet "Everything I Should Have Known Before I Bought My First Mastiff", which includes much of this information, please send us a request through the contact page.

The Mastiff University is a collection of all of the knowledge and resources Gryphon Mastiffs has collected about the Mastiff breed. It is a constant work in progress and we hope to add to it often.

Much of the information was gathered from miscellaneous written sources, long time breeder suggestions and a large amount of our own personal experiences.  In giving credit where credit is due, several articles are reprints from specific veterinarians or from online sources and each source is fully acknowledged. Click on each article/link to learn more.

Copyright 2012. All text & pictures are the property of Gryphon Mastiffs and may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

Gryphon Mastiffs

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