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Raising Mastiffs Naturally - Vaccinations

All 27 of the Veterinary schools in North America have adopted the drastically modified protocol of Dr. Jean Dodds. Basically, we as a population have been severely over-vaccinating our dogs. When a dog is vaccinated the vaccines binds to, and can even change the DNA.  Heavy metals used as preservatives in the vaccines as well as other additives are drastically increasing the numbers of reactions we are seeing in dogs today. In actual fact, vaccines by-pass the natural way the body builds immunities to disease, and they actually suppress the immune system. Take a look at the link between vaccines in humans and various diseases such as autism, MS, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADHD, etc.   Many dogs actually come down with symptoms similar to the disease they were vaccinated for! There are many shyness, aggression and behavior issues caused by vaccines as well, particularly the distemper and rabies vaccine. Many seizure disorders can be directly linked to vaccines. While where we currently reside we cannot completely stop vaccinating our dogs, but we are currently vaccinating as little as possible as allowable under the law.

We also do not vaccinate puppies under the age of 8 weeks. Puppy’s immune systems are still developing and growing.  Dumping these chemicals into their bodies as young as 6 weeks (typical breeder protocol), we are introducing not only live virus’s into their systems, but we are permanently altering their immune systems and setting their bodies up for failure in the future.  While in our region of the country some vaccines are unavoidable, we vaccinate minimally to best protect our puppies and their developing bodies. We also do not vaccinate until the puppy is at least 2 months old, sometimes longer if the puppy is still in our care. 

Here's that paragraph again... Remember, YOU are the advocate for your dog.​  NOT your vet, NOT the vaccine companies, NOT the dog food companies (all profit based businesses). YOU and YOU alone are your dog’s advocate. Many vets follow what they learned in vet school 20+ years ago. Many vets follow the protocol’s set forth by the dog food companies (specifically Science Diet in many areas). Many vets don’t know there is a difference in the way you treat and medicate a giant breed vs. any other breed. Many vets don’t know the nutritional requirement for a growing giant breed, NOT the same thing as a large breed.  Many vets don’t know that there are numerous Anesthesia’s’ that are unsafe for use in Mastiffs.  And finally, the person at the pet store is NOT qualified to give you advice as to what to feed your pet.  They always try to do it, but what qualification do they have?  It is YOUR job as your dog’s advocate to make sure the right decisions are being made in regards to the well-being of your family member.  If your vet or anyone else is trying to bully or push you into decisions that don’t make you feel comfortable trust your instincts and find a second opinion. 

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