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Raising Mastiffs Naturally


Our pups are naturally raised. We raise and feed our dogs a raw diet as well as vaccinate minimally.

​Raising dogs naturally can mean many things to many people.  To us it means a raw food diet and using minimal vaccinations and chemicals on our dogs.  The difficulty with being 100% natural and a resident of Missouri is that we do have a horrible tick issue and the incidence of heartworms in dogs not on prevention is astronomical, however we are constantly researching new and more natural methods of keeping our dogs as healthy as possible.  Find out more of what a naturally raised Mastiff is in the links below

And finally, you're going to see this paragraph ALOT because it is so important!  YOU are the advocate for your dog.​  NOT your vet, NOT the vaccine companies, NOT the dog food companies (all profit based businesses). YOU and YOU alone are your dog’s advocate. Many vets follow what they learned in vet school 20+ years ago. Many vets follow the protocol’s set forth by the dog food companies (specifically Science Diet in many areas). Many vets don’t know there is a difference in the way you treat and medicate a giant breed vs. any other breed. Many vets don’t know the nutritional requirement for a growing giant breed, NOT the same thing as a large breed.  Many vets don’t know that there are numerous Anesthesia’s’ that are unsafe for use in Mastiffs.  And finally, the person at the pet store is NOT qualified to give you advice as to what to feed your pet.  It is YOUR job as your dog’s advocate to make sure the right decisions are being made in regards to the well-being of your family member.  If your vet or anyone else is trying to bully or push you into decisions that don’t make you feel comfortable trust your instincts and find a second opinion. 

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Gryphon Mastiffs

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